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Louisville World Galloway Congress 2021 – Cancelled

For Immediate Release
Date:  April 15, 2021

Contact: Jon Bednarski,


Louisville World Galloway Congress 2021 Cancelled


The US Belted Galloway Society’s Council met via Zoom on April 13, 2021, to discuss and review plans for hosting the rescheduled 2021 World Galloway Congress in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, in November of 2021.

A presentation of the survey results sent to over 900 potential delegates was shared with the Council by the current WGC Chairman, Jon Bednarski.  With more than 70% of the respondents indicating they would not attend the Congress due to concerns regarding COVID-19, related travel restrictions, and testing or quarantine requirements, the Council voted unanimously to cancel the event.

With the next World Galloway Congress scheduled for 2023 in Switzerland, the council decided to not reschedule the event in Louisville.  All registered paid delegates will receive a refund in the next 30 days.

We regret not being able to host the Congress.  However, the health and safety of delegates was a top priority.  We are hopeful we can gather again in 2023.

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