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Traditional manual pedigree recording is synonymous with a degree of pedigree error. It doesn’t matter what species or what breed; events happen on farm which lead to incorrect sires and dams being assigned to calves.

With SireTRACE® you have access to a DNA fingerprint that distinctly identifies animals. This information is helpful for parentage verification, data banking and animal identification of superior sires in multiple-sire breeding scenarios. The ultimate result is more precise herd management.

Cattle registration is not difficult – it only seems that way if you haven’t done it before.

As you will be aware, Zoetis have upgraded their DNA testing to the SnP method. This is more accurate than the older version of MiP. All registered animals, before 1.7.2021 need to have had their DNA upgrade to the SnP method to enable Zoetis to Parent Verify the calf otherwise a new hair sample will need to be supplied.

DNA – from the Sire, Dam, and calf to be registered

PV –   This is the outcome of the matching of the DNA’s

SnP – This is the method used.

Below explains how the PV & registration process should take place so your registration can be efficiently processed for you.

  1. Collect tail hairs from your animal for DNA & Parent Verification (PV) and send, along with a registration form (available on the website under Forms) to ABGA.

Instructions for DNA Hair Sample Collection Zoetis

  • Select 20-30 hairs from the switch/brush of the tail (the hair should be clean and dry).
  • Wrap the hairs around your finger or pen and pluck with a rapid, sharp motion. You can repeat procedure to obtain the 20-30 hairs.
  • The hooked or bulbous hair roots from under the skin should be clearly visible.
  • Attach hair to collection kit with label supplied and trim excess hair.
  • Complete the ABGA DNA/PV Sample Information Form and post to: ABGA, ABRI, UNI, ARMIDALE NSW 2351
  • The results of the DNA & PV will be sent to you in about 4 – 6 weeks along with an invoice from ABGA. Registration Certificates will be forwarded once payment has been received.
  • If there is an anomaly with the results, another Parent can be nominated to test. This will result in another test fee. If a hair sample of the nominated animal is not on record or can’t be used, another hair sample must be forwarded to ABGA.
  • In the case of an AI sire Parent Verification and a hair sample is not available, one semen straw will need to be forwarded to be DNA tested.

Exceptions for DNA Parent Verifications, providing both parents have been registered with ABGA–

  1. If the sire was registered before 1.1.2011 and is deceased, and no DNA hair samples are available, a semen straw can be supplied for DNA testing. If there is insufficient semen straws available for testing, the resultant calf can be registered as parent Verified to the AI Sire, if the registration form is accompanied by an AI Certificate of Service signed by the attending Veterinarian or AI Technician, along with their registration number. If approved, the calf will be the base animal for future DNA PV testing to that bull.
  2. All calves registered after 1.1.2023, must have a hair sample supplied for DNA PV testing. No hair sample, no registration.
  3. If a calf born between 1.1.2023 and 31.12.2025 that cannot be parent Verified to both parents, an appeal can be made to the ABGA Council, and Council’s decision will be final.
  4. All calves born after 31.12.2025, from live bull service can only be accepted in the Herdbook with a full Parent Verification.
  5. All calves that are born after 31.12.2025 from an embryo transplant or AI, when registering, will need to have a hair sample supplied for DNA PV.

Anything outside of these guidelines is subject to council approval.

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