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The Association

The Association

Established in 1975, the Australian Belted Galloway Association (ABGA) is the largest and oldest continuing herd book for Belted Galloway beef cattle in Australia.

The ABGA is chartered to promote and encourage the breeding of Belted Galloways, and to ensure that the purity of the breed is maintained. ABGA administrates a herd book to identify the fullblood stock, as well as record and supply the pedigrees of cattle graded up to become purebred stock. The herd book also caters for miniature strains as well as the traditional standard-sized Belted Galloway.

Belted Galloways are a breed that attracts many for very different reasons.
Membership is diverse, ranging from commercial beef producers, studs who develop and supply seedstock beef genetics, direct beef marketers, as well as ‘lifestyle’ breeders on smaller acreages who enjoy breeding registered or commercial stock.

The ABGA welcomes all. Various types of memberships are available to suit.

Membership is represented by a national council made up of state representatives. The ABGA employs ABRI at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW as its secretariat, herd book registrar and front-desk reception.

While a national administration body, the ABGA is the broad umbrella for numerous localized Belted Galloway communities around Australia, all busy promoting the breed within their respective communities and industries. While the ultimate focus is on the Belted Galloway, the ABGA is, in practice, a hands-on people network, all trying to help each other to grow and support the continuing success of the breed.

Anna Kemph
Executive Officer  

Barb O’Shea

Phone: 02 6773 3243
Email: beltedgalloway@abri.une.edu.au

ABGA Constitution (Updated 7.10.2021)

ABGA By Laws (Updated 21.9.2022)

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Contact details are as follows:

Anna Kemph
Phone: 02 6773 3243
Fax: 02 6772 1943
Email: beltedgalloway@abri.une.edu.au