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13.08.12 Belted Galloways to be featured at 2013 Bathurst Royal!

Belted Galloways to be  featured at 2013 Bathurst Royal!

Belted Galloways are the featured breed at the 2013 Bathurst Royal Show in NSW. Separate sections for standard-size and miniature Belties will be scheduled. The show will be held 12-14 April, with judging on Friday 12th April.

The Central West of NSW is proving to show some encouraging growth in the number of Belted Galloway breeders. Bathurst Royal has been well supported by breeders and the central west community since 2010 when ABGA first started focusing on developing the show as a regional NSW focal point for the breed. The 2011 Bathurst Royal matched 2011 Sydney Royal in terms of exhibits, and out-performed Sydney Royal for number of breeders involved. The 2012 Bathurst Royal also managed to compete effectively with 2012 Sydney Royal.

ABGA hopes that the show’s invitation for us to feature the breed will consolidate the central west Belted Galloway community, and the reputation of the show as a reliable display location for viewing Belties by potential buyers. The show is very relaxed, and a great opportunity for newer breeders to be supported when entering a royal show ring for the first time.

While the initial focus is on growing the breed presence within the district, we would encourage breeders outside the area to consider participating, with the view to introducing new genetics into this regional market, and in creating new breeders. Both standard and miniature genetics are sought. Please consider embracing this opportunity for broadening your sales audience.

ABGA is very confident that the 2013 feature will display in excess of 30 exhibits. However, our aim is to exceed 50 exhibits!

The cattle schedule will be uploaded onto the Bathurst Royal website later this year. In the meantime, any enquiries or questions should be directed to Andrew Monaghan on 0417 686 455 or

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