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28/10/13 Royal Geelong Show 2013


There were only a small number of entries at the 2013 Royal Geelong Show with 6 females representing 5 studs.

Class results:

Heifer over 12 mths, not over 16 mths.

1st.   Brookvale Hannah                                  S. Van Eyle

2nd. Cumbria Bewaldeth Lady 30th.                S. Van Eyle

3rd. Koralea Macy                                           K. Bakker

Heifer over 16 mths, not over 20 mths.

1st. Manoora Park Hermione                          K. Dawson

Heifer over 20 mths, not over 24 mths.

1st. Pine Gully Park Gilly                                 R. Alexander

Cow or Heifer over 30 mths.

1st. Cumbria Arnside Holly                             H. Biersteker

Jnr. Ch. Belted Galloway Heifer                      Manoora Park Hermione

Res. Snr. Champion                                       Brookvale Hannah      

Snr. Ch. Belted Galloway Female                    Cumbria Arnside Holly

Res. Snr. Champion                                       Pine Gully Park Gilly

Grand Champion Belted Galloway Exhibit      Manoora Park Hermione

Most Successful Exhibitor                              Sue van Eyle

Below is a photograph of Kay Dawson, Ballanbrae Stud, at Geelong with her

heifer Manoora Park Hermione, Grand Champion Belted Galloway exhibit at the

Royal Geelong Show, held Saturday, October 19, 2013.


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