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07/05/14 2014 Bathurst Royal Show Results

2014 Bathurst Royal Stud Exhibition Results
STANDARD Belted Galloways
Friday 2nd May
Judge: Josh Crosby
Eight studs presented 22 exhibits, representing the breeding of 10 studs.
SUPREME EXHIBIT, Grand & Senior Champion Female: Ashrose Dinah
Reserve Senior Champion Female: Marananga Glad
Junior Champion Female: Lochlyn Joan of Arc
Reserve Junior Champion Female: Ashrose Honey
Grand & Senior Champion Bull: Marananga Glenn
Reserve Senior Champion Bull: Sassafras Hermitage
Junior Champion Bull: Lochlyn Judge
Reserve Junior Champion Bull: Yarra Creek Judas
Sires or Dam’ Progeny: Cumbria Arnside Forbes
Most Successful Exhibitor: Jason & Kimberly Astbury
2014 Bathurst Royal Stud Exhibition Results
MINIATURE Belted Galloways
Friday 2nd May
Judge: Josh Crosby
Two studs presented 5 exhibits, representing the breeding of 2 studs.
SUPREME EXHIBIT, Grand & Junior Champion Female: DMB Jane
Reserve Junior Champion Female: Bangalla Hanna
Senior Champion Female: DMB Gidget
Reserve Senior Champion Female: Bangalla Holly
Grand & Junior Champion Bull: Bangalla Joker
Congratulations to all exhibitors and breeders, particularly to John Blackwood (standards) and the Burgesses (miniatures) on their Supreme Exhibit wins! Also thanks to All Saints College, Bathurst, the teachers, students and families for their continued support and involvement with the Beltie breed. And of course, huge thanks to Royal Bathurst Show who have supported us over the years in creating one of the largest annual displays of Belties in Australia!
Full results, and more info will appear in the show roundup in the next newsletter!

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