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Our Christmas party is getting bigger and better, our numbers have slowly increased over the 11 years.

We would like to thank Judy McKinnon for travelling all the way from South Australia to fill in members about our 40th anniversary of the society being formed on 30th August 1975, so please all states make this year one to remember.

Our lucky baskets that we had on each table were won by Agnus Schembri, a Simmental breeder who has been around for many years and loves to hang out with us Beltie breeders, Judy McKinnon, Terry Cliff and Trevor Campbell Beltie breeders who won the other three.

Trevor Campbell has decided on a new venture overseas. We will all miss you Trevor but hope you can make it to the Christmas Party from time to time.

I would like to thank the following people:

Hetty and Andre for their lovely flowers and bulbs, everyone goes home with their hands full.

Kerry Keazlewood for all the help and lollies that go into our baskets.

Helen Daley for the chocolates that also go into our baskets.

I would also like to thank ALL the people who took the time to reply to the inviations.

Thank you.

Lorna Andrews

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