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Freedom Rise Field Day


Everybody is welcome to arrive from 8am onwards.  Please drive up to the top of the driveway and we’ll direct you to a parking spot. 

Address: 12340 D’Aguilar Hwy, YARRMAN, QLD 4614.

We are expecting a good mix of people, from those who are relatively new to cattle right through to those who have been involved in cattle for most of their life.

Please note : It’s on  Sunday 16th September…. not the Saturday! If you turn up a day early you’ll be roped into helping us get the food ready!

You’ll all get a ticket in our lucky door prize which is the complete set-up of ropes and leads that we use in our halter breaking techniques. You’ll learn how to use this later in the day.

Here’s a rough plan of the day. As usual, we expect some things to go over time and others to finish earlier:-

8:30-9:30am     Herd tour and animal interaction,  morning tea and sweets, until everybody has arrived. Bottled water and soft drinks will be available all day.

9:30-10:00am    Hip height measurements. This is done beside the house, so you can enjoy another cuppa whilst watching or participating.

10:00am-        Tick fever injections. This will be as hands-on as you which. We have 10 animals to inject, so most of you that are keen should be able to treat an animal.

11:00am -       Castration using a banding ring. We’ve only got one animal to do, so this will be a quick one.

Lunch - A selection of cold meats, salads, dips and spreads.  Desert includes vanilla slice and ice cream.

1:00pm           Breaking in cattle to the halter.  A quick rundown of our preferred technique. We learnt this at the AGM at Cessnock a few years ago and its made the whole event so much less stressful on us, and more importantly, the cattle. `Last year some participants videoed the method, you are most welcome to do so this year.

2:00pm           Tattooing. We’ll explain the equipment and how to use it.

We will have a list and examples of all the documents that you’ll need to use and supply when taking cattle from QLD to NSW via one of the tick gates. If this interests you, we’ll only be too happy to explain the pre-treatment procedure etc. required by the NSW Govt.

Please email us at if you are attending. We ask that you do this even if you have replied before from another source (e.g. Facebook) as we are not 100% sure if we’ve got all replies.
We can send you directions if needed.


Baden Geeves & Raymond Cross

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Contact details are as follows:

Keryn Hutton
Phone: 02 6773 3243