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Champion of the World Competition

2020 “Galloway – Champion of the World” Entries

Due to most shows around the world being cancelled, we will be accepting entries from now until 1 October 2020 for the competition.

Please email bull and female entries to

1. Picture of animal taken in 2020 (No editing or manipulation of animal itself)
2. Name of animal
3. Owner information
4. Country

– Open to registered Galloway, Belted Galloway and White Galloway cattle.
– The 4 official judges will select country representatives in October.
– The official judges are:
Johnny Gutierrez & Tiziana Prada (Argentina)
Jim McWilliam (Australia)
Non Thorne (Wales)
Matthew Trefiak (Canada)

– Any National/Premier show that does take place in 2020 will be used to qualify animals.
– The 4th edition of the “Galloway – Champion of the World” competition takes place from 6-20 December 2020

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Contact details are as follows:

Keryn Hutton
Phone: 02 6773 3243