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2018 Melbourne Royal Results

The judge was Mr Tim Lord and the results were as follows:

Heifer 9-12 months

1st Pine Gully Park Nishi – Heazlewood Family

Heifer 12-16 months

1st Grandview Neery – A & A Wilson

Heifer 16-20 months

1st Ashleigh Natalie – Ashleigh Michael

2nd Pine Gully Park Natalie – Margaret Button

Junior Champion Heifer – Ashleigh Natalie

Reserve Junior Champion Heifer – Pine Gully Park Nishi

Heifer 20-24 months

1st Ashleigh Margot – Ashleigh Michael

Cow or Heifer over 30 months

1st Wombledale Erica – Ali Hilli

2nd Jalaway Jewel’s Girl – Ali Hilli

Senior Champion Cow – Wombledale Erica

Reserve Senior Champion Cow – Ashleigh Margot

Grand Champion Female – Ashleigh Natalie

Bull 9-12 months

1st Pine Gully Park Nudgee – Heazlewood Family

Bull 12-16 months

1st Jalaway Prince Neander – Ali Hilli

2nd Grandview Nash – A & A Wilson

Bull 16-20 months

1st Ashleigh Nashville – Ashleigh Michael

Junior Champion Bull – Jalaway Prince Neander

Reserve Junior Champion Bull – Ashleigh Nashville

Bull over 24 months

1st Whole Hut Ziggie – Ali Hilli

Senior Champion Bull – Whole Hut Ziggie

Grand Champion Bull  – Whole Hut Ziggie

Supreme Exhibit – Ashleigh Natalie

Best Three Head

1st Ashleigh Michael

Sire’s Progeny – Ashleigh Michael

Most Successful Exhibitor – Ali Hilli


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