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Talking to Animals Workshop

Have you ever wanted to be able to talk to animals?
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to communicate with your animals, or your clients’ animals, for a better relationship, faster healing or improved production?
Did you know that animals communicate telepathically and energetically?  They perceive every thought, feeling and emotion you have and read your body language all the time. The energy you are being (which we are mostly unaware of) also communicates information to your animal.
What if you could learn the energetic language that animals use to create a truly bonded connection?
What if, with some simple tools and processes, your awareness of their world could expand to cultivate a much more fulfilling, productive and rewarding relationship? 
In the 2.5 day Talk To The Animals workshop you will learn the pragmatic and energetic elements of animal communication, gain an energetic vocabulary and a toolkit to facilitate animals with any issues they may have.  You also get to have plenty of hands on experience communicating with animals and facilitating some processes for their bodies.  
Viv Adcock will be running this workshop in Dubbo at Roseville Park Merino Stud from the evening of Friday, 11th October through to Sunday, 13th October.  Viv comes to us from the Sunshine Coast with over 20 years experience in facilitating change and communication with people and animals both in Australia and internationally. 
For more information or to register your interest  please click here, or call Kate McCarthy on 0414 799 467 or Prue Duffy on 0427 143 743.

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