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30/09/13 Beltie Steer in Tops British Purebreds in Heavy Domestic Category for Ribeye at Melbourne Royal!

A Pine Gully Park belted galloway steer, along with a Tippetts Glengyron shorthorn steer, topped the British purebreds in the heavy domestic carcase category (240.1-300kgs) for his commercially desirable ribeye measurement.

Pine Gully Park Here’s Humphree, bred by the Heazlewood family, measured an impressive 96 sq cm for his eye muscle area, sharing the top position with the shorthorn steer who had an identical measurement. The eleven steers with higher measurements were of European breeds or their crosses. The category exhibited 65 carcasses.

The young steer produced a highly competitive overall carcase score of 85.19 points. Judged live in his medium domestic class at 424kg, the steer placed third. His dressing percentage of 59% pushed his carcase into the heavy domestic category.

The Pine Gully Park stud has previously produced a number of successful Belted Galloway carcase exhibits at Melbourne Royal and regional carcass competitions.

The stud also took out Junior Champion Female at Melbourne Royal with Pine Gully Park Halona. The Supreme Exhibit was awarded to the Grand Champion cow, Ashleigh Daniella bred by Ashleigh Michael.

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